IL FORNAIO DEL CASALE began trading as a traditional wholesaler,
specialising in the industrial pastry and bread substitutes sector.


The “Gecchele” brand name was established, representing all its marketed products. They were sold predominantly in the local area, but also more widely across the Triveneto area and Lombardy.


IL FORNAIO DEL CASALE grew further with the acquisition of similar facilities in Faenza, thereby expanding its distribution into Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo.


The first plant was developed to make Crostoli, Galani, Castagnole and Chiacchere, allowing the company to consolidate its position as one of the main players in its market.


The company began marketing its products throughout Italy.

Production moved to a new factory in Casale sul Sile, next
to the building where the sales division had been operating for many years.


A desire to expand outside Italy and launch its products on the international market grew.
In 2007 production was revolutionised with the decision to move away from its position as artisan producer to industrial
manufacturer: the first line plant for the production of cakes, in particular Ciambelle, was purchased.


In 2009 another plant was acquired for the production of (almost)
all the basic technology associated with readymade cakes.


Thanks to the growth in the Carnival Market, a second line was installed handling the production of Crostoli, Galani and Pettegolezzi.


Production began on a dedicated line of a wide range of savoury snacks.


In 2015 the company expanded further, increasing its area from 7,000 m2 to almost 15,000 m2.


In 2016 investment continued in Carnival celebrations, with the installation of a third plant making Chiacchere and Bugie.


At the end of 2017 the third cake production line was installed to increase productivity in the current product assortment, but most importantly to give a boost to the products offered in this segment that is so important to us.


Our brand promise was announced was announcedGoodness at first sight.